North Kent Police Station is a large building which involves a mixture of Window Cleaning, both traditional and Reach & Wash methods. To complete the job we have to use access machinery internally and externally and an internal cradle system. This requires experienced operatives who are capable of the job at hand. We work closely with the maintenance team to ensure the works are completed to the highest quality without obstructing the staff.

A team of guys work together to clean the internal windows, we get to site as early as possible to not disturb as many of the staff as possible. With this being a police station there is highly sensitive material and our team have to be vetted and trusted to undertake the works at hand under pressured circumstances at all times.

The North Kent Police Station in Gravesend has a lot of stonework that surrounds the external windows this creates a splashback onto the windows so we have to clean the windows using traditional methods out of access machinery.

The internal cradle work takes a team of two operatives. All work from the cradle is done with traditional methods and requires one operative to drive the machine while the other is keeping control of the power cable and watching all surroundings.