Traxx Tyres is a known brand of tyres and they are based in Bracknell. We had to clear all the gutters to the building but with the use of access machinery and ladders where also access was limited. When cleaning the gutters all debris is bagged and removed from site by ourselves so the client never has to worry about this themselves.

We also had to clean all the cladding to the building which had not been cleaned for many years so all the dirt and residue had been ground in for a very long period. We used Access Machinery to treat the cladding with a non-alkaline based chemical to breakdown the matter. When this had been left on for the correct amount of curing time we used the hot water Reach and Wash System to clean and rinse away the dirt leaving a great finish. When all Gutter and Cladding works were completed we washed down all windows and walls affected by the Cladding leaving an amazing result and a very happy Client!

We have just used SKS for the first time, for a major clean on our exterior cladding. It hadn’t been done for a long time and was in a very poor state, but they have done an excellent job in making it as good as new, with no hassle or disruption to ourselves. Anton Dible, Traxx Tyres, Bracknell

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